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Featuring Chef Pradeep bachheti, Sous Chef , Marriott Al Forsan, Abu Dhabi and his fusion dish Chicken Tikka Arancini with parmesan and ranch .

Chef Pradeep Bachheti hails from Devbhoomi called Uttarakhand, born and bought up in beautiful place called Srinagar. One of the dedicated and professional chef , Well chef Pradeep says, since he joined Hotel Management , he wants to continue his career in front office as he never imagined himself in White chef coat, doing hard work in the kitchens. He came to know right after his industrial training that his nature, his personality and his area of interest is kitchen as he loves innovation, creation, colors, art which is basically a comes under the personality of a chef. During his training time he founds that chopping, cutting , cooking of the ingredients are interesting and he loves to spend time in the kitchen. So right after his graduation he joined his first hotel with Radisson Goa in 2009 to 2010 where he brush up is basics in cooking and then from there he got beautiful and worthy experiences in different five star hotels which includes Marriott, Hilton, Double Tree By Hilton, Le Meridien . As he grows in the industry , he develop his skills and uniqueness in his field. On the current situation Chef Bachheti says that we should take this time in a positive way and brush up our skills , whatever negative points we have , this is the right time to work on it.

For budding Chefs His Message is ….

Recipes doesn't have heart or soul but you as chefs can bring that into any food as the food prepare it come from your heart with the touch of love. And then it becomes a things which binds us forever. so keep loving yourselves.

Chef Pradeep Philosophy on Food -

Food is a journey of experiences and we are the travellers wherever we go..... we get different views to explore more in life.

So before we head to his recipe , Chef Pradeep will explain a bit about this dish.

WHAT IS ARANCINI - Arancini are Italian snacks consisting of a ball of rice coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried—a staple of Sicilian cuisine. The most common fillings are :al ragù or al sugo, filled with ragù(meat or mince, slow-cooked at low temperature with tomato sauce and spices. Here in this he add chicken tikka in the risotto rice when he is cooking the rice .A nice well balanced dish , and touch of inidan spices makes this dish a wonderful part time dish .Lets see the recipe now


Ingredients Quantity

Chicken Thigh 500gm

Hung Yogurt 200gm

Mustard Oil 30ml

Ginger Garlic Paste 50g

Red Chilli Powder 5g

Cumin Powder 10g

Corriander Powder 10g

Garam Masala 5g

Black Salt 5g

Kasturi Methi 3g

Lemon Juice 50ml

Green chilli Chopped 2g

Ginger Chopped 2g

Corriander Chopped 3g

Method -

Mix all the ingredients together and marinate chicken , then keep in refrigerator for an hour and then put in the skewers and cook. Once it is cooked keep aside and cool it .


Ingredients Quantity

Risotto Rice 500g

Parmesan Cheese 100g

Butter 30g

Salt 5g

White Pepper 5g

Vegetable Stock 2ltr

Method -

Take a pot , make it hot, once it becomes hot , add rice in that and start to stir slowly slowly , once the rice become warm add vegetable stock in that and cook with stock , after some time when stock is getting absorb by rice , add more vegetable stock , cook the rice until become soft and sticky, add butter , parmesan cheese, salt and white pepper and keep it on side .


Ingredients Quantity

Mayonnaise 200g

Butter Milk 100g

Garlic Powder 1tsp

Onion Powder 1tsp

Chipotle Powder 1/2tsp

Hungarian Paprika Powder 1/4tsp

Cayenne Powder 1/4tsp

Salt 2gm

Black Pepper Powder 1gm


Mix all the ingredients together and mix it nicely


Ingredients Quantity

Kaffir Lime Juice 100ml

Mint Water 50ml

Gelatin Sheet 2no.

Sugar 10g

Salt 1g


  1. Mix all and cook together , put gelatin sheet and mix well, then let it be cool and put it in refrigerator .



Black lentil powder 100g

White Lentil Powder 100g

Red Chilli Powder 2g

Cumin Powder 2g

Black Pepper 1g

Salt 2g

Sunflower seed oil 150ml

Method -

  1. Mix all the ingredients , blend it and keep aside.

  2. Take a pan , make it hot , add oil in it and put the mixture in squeeze bottle and pour in a pan, make the flame slow and cook it a bit , remove from the pan and cover it with a piece of paper to remove the excess fat on it.



  1. Cut the chicken tikka in dices , make a 40gm of risotto ball, stuff the chicken tikka dice, parmesan, green chill, pepper jack cheese inside the ball.

  2. Make a mixture of flour and water , put the balls in the mixture and then breadcrumb it and fry and serve as shown in the picture .


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