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Nice twist to salmon ,Nicely bound with indian and international Spices

Salmon is always the best choice whenever people chooses for the fish . Salmon is It is an oily fish with a rich content of protein and omega -3 fatty acids. Salmon is a rich source of vitamin B , B12 . King ( Chinook) salmon is considered the best salmon in the world.

Salmon is widely used in European cuisine but here I give a nice twist to salmon and gives a nice Indian touch by marinating it with fresh coriander, mint, green chili, lemon juice which gives salmon a delicious flavor of tanginess and spiciness.

Parval or tindli ki subji , Wild snake gourd , green potato is similar to cucumber and squash . Parval is high in vitamin A and C that helps to fight with the free radical molecules responsible for ageing.

I made a nice sweet and sour crushed tomato chutney which fulfill the needs of sauce in the dish and it act like as an dip for the salmon.

Lets look at the recipe now


Salmon 180gm


Coriander Fresh 200g

Mint Leaves 100g

Green Chili 15g

Lemon juice 50ml

Mustard Oil 10ml

Spring onion 50g

Ginger 10g

Garlic 10g

Red Chili Powder 1.5g

Coriander Powder 1.5g

Salt to taste


Cherry Tomatoes 200g

Salt 5g

Sugar 5g

Stock 20ml

Lemon Juice 5ml

Spring Onion 5g

Mint leaves 3 to 4 leaves


Parval 100g

Whole Cumin Seeds 5g

Salt to taste

Olive oil 5ml


  1. Take a salmon fillet and clean it nicely and washed it. Pat dry with clean cloth and keep aside .

  2. Now take a blender , start to put all ingredients of marination except curd, red chili powder, coriander powder, salt . Blend it nicely and take out from the mixer .

  3. Now take a bowl, pour the blended marination in a bowl , now add curd and red chili powder, coriander powder and salt in the Marination.

  4. Now put the salmon in the marination, mix it well and keep it in the refrigerator for 30 min., so that the marination sticks on the salmon.

  5. Now take a pan, make it hot , once the temperature of the pan set , add olive oil and add whole cumin in it , once the zeera start to crackle , add parval in that sauté it nicely, add little bit of stock so that the vegetable will become soft and set keep aside .

  6. Take another pan, Add oil in that , once the pan become hot , add slit cherry tomato in the pan, cook a bit , add whole coriander , spring onion, salt, sugar and little bit of stock and cook until it reaches to the mushy consistency . Once it is about to finish , add lemon juice in it , taste it and keep aside .

  7. Now take out the salmon from refrigerator. Put a pan on top of the gas, make it nicely hot. Pour little mustard oil and normal refined oil. Add salmon steak on the pan. Leave 3 min. on each side . If you want you can put it in the oven at the temperature of 180*C for 7 min. Or you can cook in the pan until it will be fully cooked .

  8. Now warm again the two side dishes, take a plate , put the bed of a tomato chutney , put salmon on the top and put sauteed parval . garnish with mint leaves and a slice of lemon

Please watch the video for some more reference


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