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Try out the exciting recipe of this Indian version of lasagna , full of paneer tempered with Indian spices , spiced up your taste - buds.

Lasagna , is the most well known dish from Italy, Lasagna is a kind of pasta which is well balanced with Bolognese sauce ( Beef based sauce ) . Its a kind of sheet which is blanched in the same way as other pasta like penne, spaghetti . Here I give some twist to this dish , I remembered my training time here , there was one faction and I have to stand on the live counter of paneer take take and at that time I was in love with this dish , so after so many years , I planned to re invent this dish and complied by with some other dish. Then I thought why not to start with lasagna, Usually, lasagna is a layered dish where you use nice tomato sauce, béchamel sauce, Bolognese and cheese . But here I am just making this dish in a simple way . But yes I am sure this dish will be loved by children as well as adults .

So as you can see in the picture , this is called lasagna , or lasagna sheet . We need to be careful whenever you are blanching the sheets. Please check in the pasta box for how much time you need to blanch the sheet . The spiciness of paneer taka tak, creaminess of makhni sauce and tanginess of mint chutney will definitely make this dish amazing .

Lets check the recipe


Lasagna Sheet 4 no.

Cottage Cheese 200g

Tomatoes 2pc

Red Chili Powder 5g

Coriander Powder 5g

Salt To taste

Coriander Chopped 10g

Whole Cumin 4g

Mint Leaves 10g

Amul Cheese 20g

Green Peas 50g


  1. Take a pot of water and put some salt on it, let it boil the water.

2. Once the water is boiling, add lasagna sheet into it and boil for 6 to 7 minutes or until it become soft. Take out the sheet and apply oil on each sheet and keep it on side.

3. Now, take a pan, make it hot add oil into it and after that add whole zeera in it,

once the zeera starts to crackle add chopped tomatoes in it and cook nicely.

4. Now starts to add the spices, coriander powder, red chili powder, salt, garam

masala and cook it for a bit , add fresh coriander , now add the green peas and add little bit of water in it . Cook for more 5 minutes.

5. At last add small dices of cottage cheese, stir a bit, do not mix fast otherwise cottage cheese can break. Cook for another 5 min. And keep aside.

For Makhni Gravy

Chopped tomatoes 2 cups

Cloves 2 (Laung)

Cashew (kaju) 4 to 5 pcs

Oil 1tbsp

Butter 1tbsp

Cumin seeds (zeera) 1/2 tsp

Chili powder 1 tsp

Fresh cream 3 tbsp

Garam Masala 1/4tsp

Dried fenugreek leaves (kasuri methi ) 1/2 tsp

Tomato ketchup 1 tsp

Sugar 1 tsp

Salt to taste


- To make Makhni sauce, combine the tomatoes, cloves, cashewnuts and oil with 1/4

cup of water and blend in a mixer to a smooth pulp

- Strain the pulp using a strainer and keep aside. Melt the butter in a broad pan and add

the cumin seeds. When the seeds crackle,

- Add the strained tomato pulp, chilli powder, fresh cream, Garam masala, dried

fenugreek, tomato ketchup, sugar and salt, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 3

to 4 min. While stirring occasionally. Keep aside to cool. Blend in mixer till smooth

Use the Makhni as required.

For Assemble –

- Take the lasagna sheet, cut the lasagna sheet in round shape

- Make the paneer mixture hot, add grated amul cheese on it, cook a bit

- Take a plate, Put the hot makhni sauce on the plate, Now put the one piece of lasagna sheet and then put the paneer mixture

- And cover with lasagna sheet , again do the same procedure 2 times and at last on top put the paneer mixture and cheese .

- Serve it with dots of mint chutney

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