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A beautiful Summer Dish, Enjoy in both lunch and dinner

Well, I would say this dish will rock as it has everything inside , full flavor of all spicies, Sardine is a small fish , maximum length 25 cm , related to herring . It may take its name from Sardinia, where it was once fished abundantly. The sardine is still fished intensively and is eaten fresh or canned .

Fished in spring and summer, the sardine starts growing in early spring and reaches its maximum size towards the end of summer, thats why I called it a summer dish . These large sardines are fat and full of flavor and may be known as pilchards.

Before Cooking the scales should be removed, the sardine gutted (Cleaned) and wiped and the head cut off, unless the fish is to be grilled. very fresh small sardines do not need to be gutted, but simply wiped. Their freshness can be judged by their rigidity, the brilliance of their eyes and the absence of bloodstain at the gills

Here I made it Indian version of sardines as I marinated with Hung curd, Corriander powder, Ginger Garlic Paste which makes the dish full of flavor . So lets go and check the recipe


Sardine 2 pc

Hung Curd 2tbsp

Chopped Ginger 1tsp

Chopped Garlic 1tsp

Red Chilli Powder 1tsp

Corriander Powder 1/2tsp

Salt To taste

Tomato 1pc

Fresh Coriander 20g

Mustard Oil 15ml

Mustard Seeds 5g

Onion 1 pc

Lemon 1no.


- Clean the fish carefully, Marinate the fish with hung curd , Salt, Red Chilli Powder,

Coriander Powder, Mustard Oil, Chopped Ginger and Garlic , Fresh Coriander , Lemon

juice and Mix it well. Keep in the referigerator for 30 min.

- Take a clean pan, add mustard oil, once it become hot , carefully put the fish and sear

it carefully from both the sides , cook it for 4 min. each side and keep aside .

- Now on the same pan, add slice tomato, cook a bit , add stock, lemon juice, salt and

keep aside. Slice the onion very thinly , season with salt and pepper, lemon juice.

- Now take a plate , arrange the slice tomatoes and place the fish on a plate and

garnish with Laccha Onion salad and mint leaves


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