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Featuring Chef Sandeep Panwar, Executive Chef, Holiday Inn, Aerocity, New Delhi who believes in simplicity of food .Chef Sandeep is a perfect blend of quality and Professionalism . Lets checkout more about him and his recipe of Apple & prawn Salad.

Chef Sandeep is an incredible culinary expert worked in Beautiful five star hotels in India and Middle east.He worked from small hotels to Big hotels like Oberoi's, Taj, Starwood ( Marriott), Jumeirah , Intercontinental Group of Hotels. Being worked in small hotels chef Sandeep really knows how to manage things in small scale and in big scale. He is very strict for the quality rather than the quantity. Keep the thing simple and tasty is his mantra to get succeed in the industry which he always follows.or things to be great, it’s not necessary for them to be complicated, especially when it comes to food. Even molecular gastronomy believes in keeping things simple,” says chef Sandeep. On the current situation chef says "Yes the time is difficult for all of us, but we should not loose hopes and we just need to think about our growth, use the time in a right thing , keep learning as in our industry you will not learn all the things in few years , as food industry is vast so take out the time to explore it".

For Budding Chefs, Chef Sandeep Has a Message

Keep it Simple and Understanding the basics, always helps to keep a Grasp

So lets Check Out Chef Sandeep Recipe .....


Prawns 400g

Red Apples 200g

Mustard Sprouts 10g

Lemon Grass 10g

Celery 20g

Honey Lemon Dressing ( Combine these ingredients in a shaker

and shake vigorously

Extra Virgin Olive oil 100ml

Honey 20g

Lemon 50g

Mustard Paste 25g

Mustard Seeds 5g

Salt 4g


  1. Cook the prawns in boiling salted water for about 4-5 min and cool them in ice cold water.

  2. Keep four aside and chop rest of the prawns.

  3. Take out the thin slices of apples, leave the skin on and keep aside.

  4. Dice the rest , but keep Little bit smaller than bite sized.

  5. Once your dressing is thick and ready. Add it to the prawns,diced apples and whole prawns.

  6. Arrange on the plate as it is shown in the picture. Serve Chilled

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