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GAMBAS AI AJILLO (Spanish Garlic - Shrimp Tapas) BY CHEF KALAM

If you like Spanish tapas, shrimp, and garlic, then Chef KALAM'S recipe you have to follow. Garlic-infused olive oil with smoky hints of paprika and a touch of sweetness from sherry gives this dish a perfect blend for your party snacks.

Chef Kalam, Executive Chef , Barbeque Nation, Dubai has cooking from decades with old Chefs from the town in Delhi. He gained experience in lot of cities in India, Bahrain,Dubai. But getting trained from Master Chefs doesn't mean that he is from old school, though he upgrade himself with the new techniques in cooking and trained many chefs who are today working in famous places with famous chefs. He have an experience of more than 15 years and can cook almost all the cuisines.

He shares his recipe of GAMBAS AI AJILLO, which is an Spanish tapas and primary ingredients are shrimps, garlic and olive oil.This recipe is quick, easy, simple to make at home, and full of garlic flavor. It is truly a classic Spanish tapas,with slight variations throughout the country and enjoyed in tapas bars all over Spain.

Chef Kalam adds that there are so many variations for this dish as some people add brandy, some added cayenne pepper, paprika and lots of garlic. This dish is serves basically with loaf , as it soaked all the juices from the shrimps. Here he made it dry shrimps and serves with chilli garlic dip.

Message for the budding chefs - Do not stick to one cuisine, learn new things everyday. Kitchen is our playground so play as much you can ,Create any dish, go home think about it, if there is mistake do it again, In kitchen perfection is the word which needs to follow. Keep in mind no one is perfect , but yes practice makes a chef perfect in cooking, so keep cooking, keep learning

So before we moved to chef Kalam's recipe he just explained us some questions on this dish

WHAT IS TAPAS ..... Tapas are basically an appetizers hot or cold , serves with bread. Tapas means a pot cover in Spain. In old times or even today the tapas are basically used to put on top of the sherry glasses to keep safe the drinks from the flies as sherry is sweet in taste . Tapas are basically made with thin slices of bread and meat like chorizo and salami. But now a days tapas served in many ways in skewers, on bread, with dips.

Lets checkout the dish now


Garlic cloves 5pcs

Long red chilli 2no.

Olive oil 4tsp

Lime juice 2tsp

Salt To Taste

Black pepper To Taste Parsley chopped 10g

Raw Prawns 350g

Lemon 1no.

Paprika Powder a pinch


Take the garlic cloves and chopped it nicely, Chop Red Chilli,take out the wedges of lemon, Chop the parsley,Peel and deveined the prawns with tails intact and keep aside

Take a bowl add oil,Paprika Powder, lime juice, salt and pepper,Garlic,Red chilli in a large non-metallic bowl and whisk until well combined.

Add the prawns and mix it very well.

Heat a barbecue grill plate to high. Remove prawns from marinade and thread onto metal or bamboo skewers or you can make simple iron rod.

Grill prawn skewers for 2 minutes each side or until prawns are cooked through and golden. Serve skewers with lime wedges , if desired. You served chilli garlic dip. As I showed in the pic.


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