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King-fish is an incredibly versatile ingredient that is able to be prepared equally well in kitchens or on barbecues making it perfect for summer and the mellowness makes it great for kids, while mature palates love it too. Here I add a piece of prawn which makes it well combined seafood dish with Asparagus and pink peppercorn sauce which gives tangy flavor to the dish.


King fish 150 gm ( Steak)

Prawn U-7 1 no.

Olive Oil 50 ml

Asparagus 5 pc

Broccolini 2 pc

Cherry Tomato 2 pc

Salt To Taste

Black Pepper To Taste

Butter 10 g

Thyme 10 g

For Sauce

Cream 150 ml

Pink Peppercorn 10 g

(in Brine )

Salt To Taste

Butter 5 gm

Lemon Few Drops


  1. Clean the fish and the prawns .

  2. Marinate with Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice

  3. Take a pan, Make it hot , Put the fish skin side down with Prawns and seared it nicely.

  4. Add slice garlic, butter and thyme in between and give basting to the fish and prawns.

  5. Put fish in the oven at 180* C for 8 minutes and when its remaining 3 min. Add Prawns and finish it together

  6. Season it and keep aside .

  7. Blanch the asparagus and Broccolini for 3 to 4 min. in boiling water, take a pan make it hot , add olive oil, Cherry tomato, Blanched Asparagus ,Blanched Broccolini and saute it nicely, Add seasoning.

  8. For the sauce, Put a pan on the range make it bit hot, add smashed pink peppercorn, Broil it for a minute and add cream in it .

  9. Cook the peppercorn with the cream, add seasoning, lemon juice and keep aside.

  10. Now check the fish and prawns ,if it is done .

  11. Take a while plate , Place the asparagus on the plate,put fish on top of the asparagus with prawns, Add Broccolini on top , add cherry tomato and sauce from the top with parsley oil.

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