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Slow Cooked Jordanian Tomato Confit, Tomato Tarragon Ice Cream, Bitter Chocolate Soil, Crispy Rocks

No....No...No... I am not posting any recipe of vegetable preparation , might be it will come in your mind by seeing tomatoes . It's a dessert ......yes it is a dessert recipe. so today in the recipe blog I am featuring one of the talented Pastry Chef , Chef Srikanth

he have an exciting recipe to share which is based on tomatoes , but before that as usual knowing him and his dish a bit more

Well Chef Srikanth has full of his pocket with great culinary experience by working in companies like Leela Hotels, Marriott, Royal Caribbean Cruise, Hilton Hotels , Rotana Hotels. He Adds for the budding Chefs that :

Never run for the success rather run for the excellence,success will be running behind you

This speech motivates him also every single day to create something new and be positive . He mentioned that being a pastry chef he have to go through immense hardships to reach our success levels. He have a message for the upcoming culinary students

Keep learning basics and do experiments as long as you can until you achieve your desired outcome. There will be failures at the beginning but never give up. !!!

So Lets check his recipe for Tomato Inspiration


Tomato confit

Simple syrup 300 ml

Citric acid 2 gm

Jordanian Red Tomato 1 pc. [Mediumsize]


Take a pot of simple syrup and dip the cored tomato shell in the syrup and let it Cook for 3 hours at 65 degrees C. in sealed container .After cooling down,freeze it.


Tomato Tarragon Ice-cream

Tomato Puree 180 g

Elle & Vire Excellence whipping Cream 45ml

Sugar 80g

Gel glace powder [ Ice-cream stabilizer ] 1.5g

Glucose powder 10 g

Egg white 60 g

Fresh tarragon one stem

Hard plain Labneh 70 g

Vanilla bean 1 nos

Method :

  1. In a small, heavy saucepan, heat cream, glucose powder and vanilla bean until bubbles form at edges. While cream is heating, whisk together egg whites and sugar until smooth. Slowly pour hot cream mixture into egg whites, whisking constantly along with Ice cream stabilizer.

  2. Gradually add tomato puree into remaining cream mixture, whisking constantly . Continue to cook, stirring constantly, until the mixture coats the back of a spoon. At last add the chopped tarragon in to the remaining mixture and cool it down. Shift the mixture into the thermomixer and churn it to make a Icecream and freeze it.


Spicy Tamarind gel

Dry tamarind 15g

Water 250 ml

Sugar 25g

Pepper corn crushed 2g

Louis francois Pectin extra slow set 2g


  1. Boil the tamarind in the water and strain it. Add rest of the ingredients,boil and reduce to a coating consistency


Chocolate soil

Light Brown sugar[ Tate & Lyle ] 50g

Almond powder 50g

FlourT45 30g

Cacao barry Cocoa powder ( extra brute) 22g

Elle & vire croissant butter [ extra sec] 35g


Rub all ingredients together, bake at 160 degrees C for 12 mins


Crispy Rocks

Cereal Rice crispies 25 g

White chocolate W2 callebaut 28% 25g

Elle & vire croissant butter [ extra sec] 20 g [ melted]


  1. Melt butter and chocolate together then fold the cereal rice crispies.Make into desired shapes and set it.


Non-sticky Tomato coat

Water 450 g

Sugar 50 g

Vegetable powder 30 g


Boil water , sugar and vegetable powder until clear .

Assembly :

Take a round bowl as shown in the picture . Place the rice crispy rocks in the centre and top it up with some chocolate soil .

Before we place a tomato confit ,the frozen tomato confit need to be coated with non-sticky tomato coat.And then place it on top of the soil .

Drop the spicy tamarind gel in the centre of the tomato confit shell, then scoop a perfectly round tomato Ice cream and place it on top of the tomato confit.

Garnish with the tomato cap as shown in the picture and some gold leaves. Ready to serve.

***************HAPPY COOKING************************************

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