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We can do lot of creativity with seafood , so whenever i used to make appetizer the first ingredient in my mind is seafood , Why ? well, its easy to make , takes less time, delicious in taste and lot of people's choice .

I make this recipe with the combination of flavours s like seafood goes well with citic dressings, lemon based sauces so here i made yuzu orange jelly which gives a good flavour to the finished dish.

WHAT IS YUZU ?... Well Yuzu is a citrus fruit, about the size of tangerine. It is sour in taste , and cannot be eaten as is. Instead its zest and juice are used for flavouring in the dish. Yuzu can be used in dressings, cocktails, mock tails, sauces, marine. It is mainly cultivated in Japan.

Here I mix yuzu juice with orange juice and gelatin and then i put some chopped beetroot to make it colourful.


Tobiko is a type of fish roe and it comes from flying fish . The eggs are much smaller and differ in texture. They are often used to garnish dishes and most often used in sushi . It tastes like crunchy, salty and with a hint of smoke. It is often flavoured with things like wasabi, yuzu and soy sauce.


In the simple form, truffle is a fungus or mushroom of the genus Tuber. It grows underground the roots of trees, particularly mainly the oak but also the chestnut,hazel and beech. The truffle is rounded of variable size and irregular shape , black and brown or sometimes grey or white in colour. Truffle oil is made up from different oil but mainly with olive oil . Sometimes olive oil is mix up with the residue of truffles collected.

It is widely used now a days to give aroma and flavor of truffle to the dish.

So Lets Start the recipe



Leeks 2no.

Water 200ml

Salt a pinch


1. Clean the leeks and cut it length wise and then take out the skin of the leeks one by one.

2. Put a pot on fire, pour water in it and then salt, Keep ice water on the side, once the water starts to boil, blanch the leeks one by one for few seconds and then put it in a clod water.

3. Then strain it and keep aside .



Lobster 2pcs

Mayonnaise 1tsp

Chopped Onion 1tsp

Chopped dill leaves 1/2 tsp

Lemon zest 1/2 tsp

salt To taste

Black pepper To Taste


1. Take a pan, put it on a flame and pour water on it. Put 2 slices of lemon and bit of salt.

2. Meanwhile the water is getting boiled, Chop the onion, dill and put it in a mixing bowl with lemon zest and mayonnaise and keep aside.

3. Now peel the lobster and keep the shell for making of stock or bisque and take the flesh of lobster , put it in a vaccum pack bag with olive oil, thyme, lemon juice and seal it ,put it for poaching and boil it for 5 to min.

4. Take out the lobster from the poaching liquid and then put it in a ice water without taking out from the vaccum pack bag. Once it got cooled take out nd chop it and mix it in the same bowl of mayonnaise and mix it well.



Orange Juice 350ml

Yuzu Juice 150ml

Caster Sugar 2 tsp

Lemon juice 1 tsp

Gelatin Sheet 3no.

Beetroot 20g


1. Take a pot , put yuzu, orange juice, caster sugar, lemon juice and make it boil.

2. Melt gelatin sheet in 50ml of water and then pour that water in the boiling yuzu and orange liquid, make it boil and remove it.

3. Chop the beetroot and mix with the yuzu and orange jelly , continue to whisking , take a spoon and pour over the plate which is bit oval .and then keep aside


1. Take out the blanched leaves of leeks, put it as a bed on the chopping board ,use spray bottle to sparay truffle oil on the leeks makit like that way if you put lobster salad it can easily be rolled like cannelloni , then roll the leeks bit tight, make sure it will not get crack .

2. Now take out the plate , check the jelly if it is set or not, If it is set place the rolled leeks on top of the jelly and garnish with green tobiko and micro greens and a bit of truffle oil.

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